Silerna - Digital artist - loves cats

You want art and you’re considering me to paint it? I’m really honored!

But before you contact me, there’s a few things you should know. ☺️ It’s always good to be well-informed no?

For instance, note that every commission is only for personal use. I do not appreciate it if you use it to earn money. However there may be exceptions, you can always ask! 😁

It’s also important to know what I do draw and what I don’t or not comfortable with.

I do Draw :

  • All your characters.
  • All your favorite fan characters.
  • Your pet cats, dogs,birds.
  • Fanart : series, Anime’s, games etc.
  • Small backgrounds.
  • Logo’s and mascots for companies.

I don’t draw

  • Any kind of violence
  • Fetishes of any kind.
  • Nfsw such as sexual interactions, gore.
  • original Characters not designed by you

Of course there are some other things, such as payment methods and contact details.

For example, I need your E-mail address to keep you updated on the progress. I don’t need your phone number or address 😋. Just your name and e-mail is fine!

In the e-mail you receive the full resolution PNG image and a PDF if requested. You also get a watermarked version that you can post on social media ,with me credited of course.😉

And now……how do you pay me? Very simple! Via PayPal or via Ko-Fi. I do not accept giftcards from any shop and I do not accept Deviantart points.

The turn around time will be discussed in e-mail. Sometimes life can stand in the way 😅 unfortunately you cannot control that.


Have I informed you enough? If not , you can always ask me a question! Hit the e-mail button or contact page to ask your question😉.

Ready to commission? Mail me your request now , or buy here.



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