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Silerna - Digital artist - loves cats

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Greetings, My name is Silerna on this World Wide Web. I am a hobbyist traditional and digital illustrator that firstly started as a Pixelartist.

I’ve been drawing as far as I can remember. It always been my favorite thing to do, instead of making homework, my notebooks were filled with sketches.

I started online with displaying my pixelart that I started in 2005. I joined several contests and improving my pixelart. But over the years the pixelart community in my country was slowing dying and I also lost fun in making these kind of art. This is when I picked up my pencil again! I’ve always loved drawing and wanted to improve my stickmans again. I hope to show the world what I’m capable of and share lots of love about this amazing style of art.



I’m also a blogger and website maker. Sharing all kinds of information about my favorite Manga’s ,games and series. Some of these blogs are co-written with my best friend in the whole world Yasumi, she’s the face behind . In the future I hope to share many amazing tips about drawing, art supplies and let you meet many amazing artists!

I started making websites when I was around 12. On the Dutch Websitemaker specially made for students and high schoolers. I managed to get into the top 100 of best website on the Websitemaker with my own. Unfortunately the Websitemaker announced they would stop hosting the website and all website had to look for alternatives. Really bothered that I had to quit my website , a site sister mentioned that I should learn HTML. Not many hosting had easy editors without coding. So I thought about it and this site sister already made a start with my website.

Happy with what she made , I knew this could work out just great! This was the start where I learned how to code websites. I got a new host on Freewebs (now known as Webs) and started my website as a pixel portfolio. I spend many amazing years on this host and learned a lot. Sadly free users were no longer supported with JavaScript. So the cycle again repeated! Where to go now? Html is very fun and you can do everything with it! But consumes a lot of time, I started lacking that time and decided to use WordPress. Bought my domain and website and here I am as the current ‘Place of Silerna’!


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