Yasu sil outfits

Yasumi is a kind lady, skilled with words. Will face any heated debate with sharpness and honesty, but will not hesitate to use her words to deceive as well. Talented writer. Stories, poems, she already released a few books. Often using the stories of her friend Silerna, whenever she comes to visit her. Now writing a personal story about her adventures.

Opinions of others :

Sakata Gintoki : sees him as a big lazy brother, but who she can always rely on when she really needs his help
Kagura : a good friend, often joins her walks with sadaharu to chat and play
Shimura Shinpachi : learns kendo from him
Shimura Tae : tries to teach her how to cook but fails constantly.
Kondou Gorilla Isao : “oh, there’s the gorilla again …”
Hijikata Toushirou : Mayo guy This nickname suits him very well. (admits that Kewpie mayo does tastes nice)
Okita Sougo : Very sadistic , avoid him when possible.
Yamazaki Sagaru : Thinks he’s rather normal.
Otose : Her neighbour, goes along with her.
Katsura : Who’s that?

Silerna’s a cunning traveling merchant with a knack for haggling and cheap sales. Always seen with a black Kitty. In certain situations the cat is disguised. Avoid the Shinsengumi when she can. Not because she’s in trouble, she thinks they are nuts to the bone.
When nearby, Silerna knows that Gintoki reads the Shounen Jump. She ‘borrows’ it when he’s done reading.

Opinions of others :

Sakata Gintoki : Grosses her out but when serious he’s a good guy. ’Borrows’ his Shounen Jump.
Kagura : needs to grow up.
Shimura Shinpachi : Overdramatic. 
Shimura Tae : insane, avoids at all costs.
Kondou Gorilla Isao : indeed a gorilla with weirdo personality.
Hijikata Toushirou : his mayonaise fetish grosses her out. He is indeed easy to prank.
Okita Sougo : biggest sadist in town. Wonders if he does have a brain.
Yamazaki Sagaru : plays often badminton with him. Only sane guy within the Shinsengumi.
Otose : only normal person around. Often visits her bar.
Katsura : only likes Elizabeth.


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