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Sims 4 CC

  • All my Sims 4 lots and buildings are CC free.
  • All my lots use official Sims 4 items only.
  • Please do not offer any of my lots for sale, credit me and link me back when used!
  • Don’t post my links on your site or any screenshots of my lots.
  • Please do not edit any of my lots unless I made I mistake somewhere. Edit for personal use is okey of course.
  • In order to see this lot in the gallery. You must have ‘ include Custom Content’ turned on.
  • My CC is always uploaded on a ad free server.(simsfilesshare) and on the Sims 4 gallery.

Sims 4 – Build Mode Custom Content

Build Mode – Walls
Build Mode – Floors

Sims 4 Lots

Sims 4 lots